Meet the people behind FSM Costa Rica.

Education staff


Jenny is the head teacher of secondary education at the mission and works primarily with students in colegio, which is 7th thru 11th grade. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics for Secondary Education. Jenny consistently works with the high school students to study for exams and work on homework assignments in math and science. All six of our students currently enrolled in university classes have said that they wouldn’t have made it to university without the countless hours Jenny put in to help them pass exams in high school. Jenny has worked at the mission since August of 2009. She knows the families very well after working with the community for five years.

Laura Mendez Campos

Laura is the head teacher of primary education at the mission and works primarily with students in escuela, which is kindergarten thru 6th grade. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Laura began working at the mission in August of 2008, which is the year the mission opened. In early 2013, Laura left the mission to pursue personal projects, but returned in February of 2014. We are very fortunate to have her back. She knows the children and famillies of Bajo Tejares so well and is highly trusted and respected within the community. Laura has a gentle heart and incredible patience.

Vinicio Sancho Chinchilla

Vinicio is our teacher’s assistant and primarily maintains the reading room. He began working at the mission in May 2013. He has gotten to know the children well and serves as a great male role model for them in a community where many children lack father figures. Vinicio has a quiet and calm demeanor which suits the reading room well, but he also enjoys playing outside with the children.

Jafeth Nunez Blanco

Jafeth is our recreation director. He began working at the mission in March of 2013. In his first year, his sole function was maintaining the safety of the children and teenagers while outside on the playground. In 2014, Jafeth also took over the preschool program and now splits his time between the playground and working with the preschoolers. He is particularly good at working with small children and they all love him.

Ministry staff


Brian started working at the mission as our pastor in September 2014. He is a graduate of the Strom Bible Institute in Atenas Costa Rica. This school is a part of the Camp Brittney organization. During his three years there, he got to know many of our children from Bajo Tejares while they were attending camp. Prior to joining FSM, he and his wife Nathaly served as youth pastors at a church in their home town of Grecia, Costa Rica. Nathaly leads the women’s group on Monday nights.


Kathleen first came to the mission in April 2014 and she has been hooked ever since! She is currently serving as a full-time missionary in Costa Rica. If you’ve been to the mission, you have seen her at work coordinating the mission teams and interpreting. She also works extensively with the ministries, with a love for working with the community of Bajo Tejares. While at the mission, she has started a volleyball team for young girls, worked to help re-vamp the music ministry, and has devoted much of her time to building relationships and counseling teen girls. She earned a degree in Spanish from the University of North Florida and when she’s not in Costa Rica, she calls Gainesville, Florida her home.

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Ligia is our administrator at the mission who keeps everything from mission teams to community activities to daily life at the mission running smoothly. She comes to us from uVolunteer and has significant experience coordinating volunteers from all over the world to work in service projects in Costa Rica, with an extensive history of working specifically in Bajo Tejares. It has been on her heart to work more closely with the people of Bajo Tejares and we are excited to give her that opportunity as a member of our FSM team! She began working at the mission in July of 2014 and is a great asset to the team.

Natasha Sandino

Natasha is our part-time social worker at the mission. She started working with us in early 2016 and is already a huge asset to our team. Natasha has been working hard setting up classes and events for the community by partnering with existing organizations and government programs. We are excited by all she has already accomplished for the people of Bajo Tejares!

Support Staff


Pabel is our facilities and maintenance manager. He began working at the mission in November of 2007 when it was merely a construction site well before doors ever opened. This makes Pabel our most tenured employee! There is nothing that Pabel can’t fix around the mission and beyond. If you’ve ever done a construction project in Bajo Tejares, Pabel has likely overseen it and made sure things run smoothly. We don’t know what we would do without him!


Mauricio is one of four guards that help keep the mission safe and secure 24 hours a day. He started working at the mission in December of 2008. One day a week, Mauricio works with Pabel on maintenance activities around the mission. The rest of his time is spent checking kids in and out of the mission during the day and monitoring activities around the mission at night to ensure everyone’s safety. Mauricio is a very cheerful person and always has a positive attitude.

Steven Alvarez

Steven is one of four guards that help keep the mission safe and secure 24 hours a day. He started working at the mission in July of 2013. He works part time for us and rotates between shifts during the day and night. He is very quiet, but very friendly when you take the chance to stop and talk to him. Steven has done a good job of learning who the kids are as they come racing through the gates each day.

Andres Chaves

Andres is one of four guards that help keep the mission safe and secure 24 hours a day. He started working at the mission in January of 2013 and is full time. Andres and his entire family are involved in programs and ministries at the mission, so there’s a good chance that if Andres isn’t working, he may be up at the mission anyway with family or for men’s group.

Ronald Cruz

Ronald is one of four guards that help keep the mission safe and secure 24 hours a day. He started at the mission as a guard in March of 2010 and works full time. Prior to working at the mission, Ronald was one of our first volunteers who helped get the education programs up and running. He has known the children for years and watched them grow up quite a bit since the mission opened in 2008. Ronald always makes himself available to lend a helping hand if you need it.