Kathleen's Latest Update Is HERE!

Where has the time gone?

So my monthly updates really haven’t been going as planned! I find it so difficult to sit and write! There’s so much I want to say that I often don’t know where to begin! So then, I just put it off and don’t write anything, haha!  I need someone to keep me accountable, so if you are good at keeping up with deadlines, send me an email to remind me I need to get writing!!

Things have been going great so far this year.  We have been growing as a staff here at the mission and we have seen the kids growing a ton as well.  I have been focusing much more on the different ministry groups this year, especially the teen girls and women.  We have seen our girls improve immensely with the choir and our teen girls ministry is going strong.  This is especially important for us since we had a difficult year last year, with especially high teenage pregnancy rates.  We had a slumber party last weekend with the teen girls which was really fun!  I didn’t sleep at all, but it was worth it!

One thing that I love about being at the mission is the opportunity we have to get to know the community well and develop programming based on the needs we see.  Social media has been a particularly difficult topic for us, as often things we see on many of our youth’s (and adult’s) social media sites is not always posted with the best judgement.  As a result, we did an entire series on social media with the teen girls and we will be duplicating the study with our women’s group.  We have been encourage that we are getting the opportunity to talk about topics that are relevant, and to always return to the message of the gospel because we know that is the most important message we could ever give.

We have had a few teams here since the last time I wrote, from Beach Church, Isaiah Harvest Time, and Oak Grove UMC.  We have also enjoyed the visits of different friends of the mission.  Each of the teams have been great!  It is so fun to get to work with the teams and see how many friendships have been developed through the mission, both with the community and with those of us who work here at the mission.  Last month, I celebrated with the Oak Grove team my 3 year anniversary since I first came to the mission! Time flies!

We have been changed our structure for home visits when teams are here, which has really allowed the people from the community and the people from the groups open up with one another.  We are looking forward to June and July, which will be our busiest team season.  We will be working on a ton of new projects, which is always exciting.

Speaking of June, I am excited to announce that Egberth and I are getting married on June 25th! It has been such a fun process planning the wedding and everyone has shown us so much love! We are so thankful with the Lord for all of the blessings and wonderful friendships He has given us!  Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and support!

When I look back at the last few months, I feel like the time has really flown by! Some of the new projects that have been keeping us busy are the new office buildings, butterfly garden, new ministries, and our staff development.  We are so thankful for all the great opportunities we have had, and I look forward to keeping you updated again soon.  Don’t forget to reach out to me to remind me to update!!

God bless! Kathleen

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