Panama Program Update

FSM would like to introduce you to our first young lady in the new Panama Transitions – Orphan Prevention program. It is our utmost pleasure to introduce you to Mabel, and her newborn son, Josue (no pictures will be posted on social media of women and children in the program)

Mabel is a 20 year old Ngobe woman who was referred to Manos de Fe from women’s social services in David, Panama after she delivered her baby in the hospital and had no place to go. Mabel had been living with her father who is blind and already had 12 people living in his small house. He was angry that Mabel became pregnant, and he told her that she could no longer stay in his house once the baby was born. The father of the baby has abandoned her and wants nothing to do with her or the baby. Mabel was left in the hospital in a homeless state. Social services became involved, and because both she and the baby were at-risk, they contacted us. During our initial interview, Mabel stated that she wanted to keep her baby but she feared that she would not be able to feed or care for him. She also stated that she would like to continue her education, but worried she wouldn’t be able to. Mabel was very shy and depressed about her situation. 

Once she heard that we wanted to help her and her son, she became hopeful, and her sad, shy face slowly began to smile. Mabel moved into one of the cottages on Monday, October 31st. Mabel came with very few possessions, mainly a small amount of clothing. It will be a significant transition for her, but now both she and baby Josue now have a chance at a better future. She will begin her classes and vocational training once she settles into her new home and her role as a mother. We will also ensure that she hears the Gospel and understands that she is loved by Christ. 

We thank you all for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray as God continues to bless the mission in Panama. We are expecting 3 more girls in the next 2 months. These young ladies are all aging out of orphanages, and one has a baby. God is good!