Faithful Servant Missions

general OVERVIEW

Our Costa Rica mission serves as a Christian Community Center to the Bajo Tejares district of San Ramon. This very poor community of displaced Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans is rife with poverty, drugs, violence and despair. Serving this community by providing a wide range of educational, recreational and spiritual opportunities for both children and adults is proving to have a major impact on their lives. Our pastor leads the mission church and ministry activities for all ages which are dedicated to proclaiming God’s love and grace. Over 300 children and youth, as well as over 100 adults participate at the mission. Through the fruits of Christ’s love, the cycle of poverty and despair is slowly being broken and families are beginning to look to the future with hope.

Words cannot begin to adequately describe our experiences last week while serving in Costa Rica with FSM. The Nicaraguan refugees are beautiful, complicated, hopeful, monetarily worse than poor, thankful, abused, loving and in need of love. Today, Bajo is a community of families still learning how to lift each other up and how to trust in God for their daily needs. I praise God for allowing our team to “sit at the feet” of these adults learning from them, gaining new perspective on what it takes to educate and raise up a new generation of youth and adults that feels what it is like to have dreams and to truly believe that God will guide them in making those dreams a reality.
— Robin Merrill, Oak Grove UMC of Atlanta, Georgia