Matthew 16:15 - He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”


Join Faithful Servant Missions in Costa Rica or Panama for the experience of a lifetime! Step out into the world and serve the least of these. Learn more about what our mission trips look like and how to arrange them.

Here are a handful of testimonies from people who have been a part of mission trips in both Costa Rica and Panama with Faithful Servant Missions…

Robin Merrill

Oak Grove UMC. Atlanta, Georgia

"Words cannot begin to adequately describe our experiences last week while serving in Costa Rica at Faithful Servants Mission. The Nicaraguan refugees are beautiful, complicated, hopeful, monetarily worse than poor, thankful, abused, loving and in need of love. Today, Bajo is a community of families still learning how to lift each other up and how to trust in God for their daily needs. I praise God for allowing our team to “sit at the feet” of these adults learning from them, gaining new perspective on what it takes to educate and raise up a new generation of youth and adults that feels what it is like to have dreams and to truly believe that God will guide them in making those dreams a reality."

Griff Machinski

Beach UMC. Jax Beach, Florida

"I’ve been blessed to go on two Beach UMC trips to Panama in spring of 2013 and 2014. Returning was a great chance see the progress of construction at Manos de Fe and even better, the growth of relationships locally. Participating in the feeding program this year with James and Evelyn added to the experience, especially getting to be there to witness in the baptism of Ms. Agrapena! I look forward to my next chance to go back. I’m praying that there will be children living in the casitas by them, and that my wife, Tracy, and kids can come as well!"

Wayne Moss

Chapin UMC. Chapin, South Carolina

“I have led teams from Chapin UMC to FSM – San Ramon for five consecutive years beginning with 2010. FSM is a fantastic host organization and always makes us feel welcome. The relationships that have been formed with FSM staff, and children, youth, women, and families from the Bajo Tejares community through repeated visits run deep and continue to grow.”

“The week at Faithful Servant Missions was one of the most meaningful events of my life, if not the most. I found myself thinking and saying repeatedly that what you accomplished in a short time in that small place on our beautiful earth was unbelievable. It’s incredible what God can do when he has someone, even with limited resources, willing to step out in faith! It was difficult to say goodbye but my heart overflowed with joy at the same time. Truly, I am the one who received the blessing.”  


Lakewood UMC. Jacksonville, Florida