In western Panama (Plaza de Caizan, Chiriqui), a food distribution/community outreach program is in place and construction is under way for an orphanage. The focus population in Panama is the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous population. Ngobe families receive nutrition and other assistance and abandoned indigenous children are the focus for the orphanage. The Panama mission operates under an association, Manos de Fe (Hands of Faith) which was created by the Board of FSM. The Manos de Fe logo shows the FSM nail cross ad a heart with both the Panamanian and American Flags. Learn More

In Costa Rica, we operate a Christian community center that serves the Bajo Tejares district of San Ramon. Bajo Tejares is a very poor community of displaced Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans that is rife with poverty, drugs, violence, and despair. Our programs serve the community by providing educational assistance to both children and adults, recreational programs, and a ministry dedicated to proclaiming God’s love and grace to members of the Bajo community. Approximately 200 children and youth participate in our educational and spiritual programs, and many children who were two or more grade levels behind in reading and math have caught up to their peers and are excelling in the classroom. More importantly, we are seeing the fruit of Christ’s love transform a community, as cycles of poverty are being broken and families are beginning to look to the future with hope. Learn More